About us

It starts with the stone—seen in the dream and warmed by the earth,rough to the touch and cold to the cheek, molded and mounted, framed and fraught. We rise with the vision, enter the fray. Where metal makes material, becomes the shape and season. Our dark lets in our light. Impulse rules with intuition. Around our necks, on our fingers, against our skin. The tension reveals truth that reality obscures. Our singularity expressed, emotions untamed. RAREFIED RARITIES. TRUTH IN FRICTION. ART OF SOUL — WORN AND ADORNED.


The Mind of the Artist. The Hands of Artisans.

We make our fine art jewelry rough and ready-to-wear.

● Wild stones sourced and bought directly

● Raw materials only those with special skills understand

● Designed and manufactured by our team in Turkey

● Sold online with no markups or middlemen